Close is a new fixture in House Music. Is this good?

Item Image has become a controversial figure in electronic dance music lately. I can’t think of another pop star who has been invited to play at all the biggest electronic music venues like I wasn’t at EDC in Los Angeles this year but I heard complaints that ruined the show by mixing in some non electronic music and his own poppy Black Eyed Peas tracks.

At the same time I see something positive in what is doing. I respect him for having the versatility to enter the dance music scene. Coming from a pure hip-hop background that is a big deal. At the end of the day music is music and people who are willing to explore new genres to develop their sound and creativity deserve some praise. There are definitely two sides to the coin. Some people may cringe when Lil Jon jumps on stage, but others might derive some satisfaction from the idea that house music is reaching a new audience.

Check out at Noxx Antwerp, one of the biggest clubs in Belgium.

We need to get some polling functionality on DA. I’d be curious to see what people choose:

1) I wish would leave house music alone

2) I’m glad that is playing house music… but I still wouldn’t see him play

3) I love – I want to see him Boom Boom Now!


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