Forgotten Friday: Yenson – My Feeling (Deniz Koyu)

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I think everyone in the galaxy has heard Junior Jack’s ‘My Feeling’. If you have not…you are either deaf, choose to ignore music altogether, or have never stepped into a dance club/bar in your entire life (or a combination of all three). This has been a staple song within the house world for years. It cannot get any better right? RIGHT? As weird as it sounds, Deniz Koyu’s version of ‘My Feeling’ may actually take the cake. It is astonishing to me at how little I have heard this song played in live sets. The build up is great, it is easily recognizable, and it has big room appeal. What’s not to like? This remix defines underrated in my mind (ironically as I write this it is probably getting closer and closer to overrated, but pay no attention to that fact). Give both a listen and tell us what you think!

Junior Jack…


Yenson (Deniz Koyu Remix)…


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