Forgotten Friday: Dirty South ft. Rudy – Let It Go (Ted Nilsson Re-Mode)

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“No matter what they say let it go let it go, no matter what they do let it go let it go.” You may know these lyrics from Dirty South’s huge track (arguably his biggest) ‘Let It Go’. This track was dropped in 2007 and Axwell (you may have heard of him once or twice) remixed this shortly after. The standard had been set for years to come due to Axwell’s touch. I had not even heard another remix for about a three and a half year time period. In late 2010 Ted Nilsson came out with his ‘re-mode’ of this track. The one word I like to use when comparing this track to Axwell’s is stronger. With the pumping synths and rolling bassline Ted Nilsson’s remix just does the trick. Usually when Axwell puts his hands on something it is just the flat out best, however Ted Nilsson’s may actually take the cake. We want to know which one will be played countless times on your iPod. Either one you pick you are probably glad you heard both.

Ted Nilsson Re-Mode…


Axwell Remix…


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