Collide Artwork

Avicii gets a shoutout on ‘Collide’ album art, Aviciigate comes to an end

Not trying to beat a dead horse here, but the image above was just too good for us not to post. As part of their ‘agreement,’ it looks like Avicii is getting some well-deserved prime real estate on Leona’s “Collide” album art. The actual artist cred for the track goes to “Leona Lewis/Avicii” and it’s no doubt a big win for the Swedish DJ and his team. The New York Post’s Page Six has a statement from Avicii’s manager, Ash Pournouri that reads “The most important settlement for us was that we got recognition in the credits for our work, and that we can move on from this.”

Us? We’re just glad to finally put this story to sleep.

Via: DigitalSpy, Page Six

Thanks: @SJRimmington

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