Swedish House Mafia 23.09.11

SHM takes over BBC Radio 1 tonight, promises ‘something extra’ for the most loyal fans

Swedish House Mafia has just sent out a little reminder about their Essential Selection takeover on BBC Radio 1 tonight, and they promise “something extra” for their most loyal fans when 23.09 comes around next week. “To all of you who attended Brixton 2009 or M2 NYC 2010 we are trying to give you a little something extra around the announcements on 23.09.11,” they write. Along with the caveat “this won’t be easy but we’re going to try.”

We, of course, have our own theories about 23.09, and making promises to past ticket-holders at events in NYC and London certainly add weight to those Madison Square Garden / Milton Keynes Bowl rumors. The good news is that the show airs in just under two hours, so we’re that much closer to knowing for sure. Check out the full email text after the break.

BBC Radio 1 iPlayer

To all of you who attended Brixton 2009 or M2 NYC 2010 we are trying to give you a little something extra around the announcements on 230911

This won’t be easy but we’re going to try. We have the emails of the ticket buyers for these shows. They will be emailed with information.

If you bought tickets and you no longer use the email you purchased with you can email weareall@swedishhousemafia.com and tell us the email you used to buy them. We may need some proof this used to be your account. 

We have a full time staff member manning this email for the next 2 weeks.

If you went, but you didn’t buy the ticket you will need to tell us the email of the person who did. Provided they have not taken the offer up , we will give you a code.

If you are not the email account holder, or you accessed the venue in another way, like the guest list or a competition, we will endeavour to verify that and help you but we make no promises.

The offer we will be giving you will be limited to the exact number of people who attended these shows…if people within the group take the piss and share the codes we issue, they will ruin it for everyone and we will not be responsible for this so let’s not see this please. If this happens we take no responsibility for it.

From Monday the email address weareall@swedishhousemafia.com will be manned. We will be mailing all of the ticket emails on Tuesday so if you receive it just follow the instructions. The offer you will be given will be announced on 23.09.11 with everyone else. 

You guys were with us from very early on and we want to thank you. We know of course there are so many more of you who have been with us forever and there will be plenty of other ways for you to get access to the announcement, just click Like on Facebook

It really is possibly one of the most nerve wrecking times as we approach the news for us, and we quite literally could not do this without you, you did this as much as we did 

We Are One, We Are All…..Swedish House Mafia. 

Thank you! 

Amy Thomson / SHM Team 

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