Hear Avicii live tonight on Studio 54 Radio!

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For those of us (most of us) that won’t have a chance in hell of getting into Studio 54 tonight — only 100 guests not on the list are being let in — Sirius XM will be broadcasting the entire set live at midnight EST. It’s a far cry from actually attending the event but maybe if you turn off all the lights in your apartment, turn the bass way up on your stereo and drink watered down vodka tonics until your head spins it might almost be like you are actually there… just without the celebrities, or the drugs, or the hedonism.

Wow…Avicii is letting a few lucky people in tonight at Studio 54 for One Night Only. Thats crazy !!!! Studio 54 Radio on Sirius XM. Hear him live on Studio 54 Radio tonight at 12a ET

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