Kaskade offers up free “It’s You It’s Hertz” bootleg, gives us Roseland Ballroom nostalgia

This gem of a track comes straight to us from Kaskade as part of his awesomely epic “Kaskade Music Mondays” that we’ve been following for quite some time. This week it’s a mashup that he played at his amazing Roseland Ballroom show and has been in this editor’s repertoire ever since seeing it get dropped live. Deniz Koyu’s “Hertz” is a track that we’ve been digging here at DA lately, and the “It’s You It’s Me” vocals work like a dream atop the sweeping synths and irresistible drop. If you don’t download this track, you should probably stop reading this website. We’re that serious.

Via: Twitter (Kaskade), SoundCloud (Kaskade) 


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