Tommy Trash – Monkey See Monkey Do (Original Mix)

Another day, another Tommy Trash production. You must be used to seeing his name plastered all over our website right? If you fit into this group – you are only partially correct. Let’s rephrase this statement. You must be used to seeing his name plastered all over the EDM world. Get used to it. “Monkey See Monkey Do” is another release among the long list of tracks that have come out from Tommy in the recent months. There have been so many that you may have forgotten how good his earlier remixes actually are (try: “Carry Me Home”).

Dancing Astronaut Trend: Sometimes you see a release on Beatport and the entire package includes 8 remixes. You think to yourself “shit, I don’t have enough time to listen to all of these.” You then allocate your time into picking what you assume to be the ‘best’ remixes by deciding who is most likely to produce the best tune. Whenever you see Tommy Trash remix something, we are damn certain that it is probably the best out of the package. Purchase it and move on.

Via: Fulton PR (Griff Fulton)

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