Dancing Astronaut covers Dada Life at Ruby Skye

Chuckie – Who is Ready to Jump? (Dada Life Remix)

Everything King Midas touched turned to gold, and everything Dada Life touches gets covered in thick, sausage-flavored, electro grease. The Dada Life guys took Chuckie’s dirty dutch sound, smashed it through a meatgrinder, and neatly packaged it in the discarded intestines of the original mix. The grease here is so thick that you can almost feel your arteries clogging.

Pick up the 320 on Beatport — then go get some bloodwork done, because after one listen your triglycerides are going to be totally out of whack.

Chuckie – Who is Ready to Jump? (Dada Life Remix)

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Photo Credit: Skyler Andrew Greene (Dancing Astronaut)