Deadmau5 to play at 2012 Grammy Awards, 200 lucky fans can see it live

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Just in case you needed any further evidence of EDM’s mainstream success, here you go: Deadmau5 is set to perform at the Grammy’s this Sunday, where he is nominated for 3 awards of his own. This is not his first time at the proverbial rodeo, however; he expertly DJed the 2010 VMA’s — though this effort seems to be of a different vain. The mau5 will perform the Grammy’s first-ever EDM tribute alongside David Guetta, Chris Brown, Lil Wayne, and the Foofighters in a tent outside the venue. It’s a random amalgamation of artists for sure, but the exciting performance has the potential to be monumental.

To make the experience even more noteworthy, Deadmau5 is running a contest in which 200 fans — yes, two hundred — have the chance to witness history being made. If you’re 18+, can dress to impress, and can get yourself to LA for the show, email with your name, address, age, and a personal Deadmau5-related photo. We’ve got the full list of details after the break, and feel free to share your Deadmau5 photos in the comments!

Via: Facebook (mau5trap) 

Photo: Skyler Greene


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