Congorock is back with two new tracks: ‘Monolith’ and ‘Agarta’

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We haven’t heard from Congorock since he released “Ivory” in November but his two newest releases, “Monolith” and “Agarta” make up for this lengthy absence. “Monolith” is a synth-heavy, bass-laden track sprinkled with just the right amount of drums and arabian rhythm to make you dance and headbang at the same time. While you might be able to charm a snake with the first half of the track, all bets are off once the drop kicks in — especially if you’re playing it at the right volume.

The second track on the release, “Agarta,” features a huge running synth intro that leads into a massive bass-heavy drop and scattered lasers. Like “Monolith’, “Agarta” has the potential to devastate dancefloors — or at a minimum blow some speakers. We have no doubt both of these tracks will get their fair share of airplay in Miami this week.



Via: SoundCloud (Congorock)

Purchase: Beatport


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