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DJ Mag announces investigation into fraudulent Top 100 DJs voting, will be ‘naming and shaming’ by week’s end

The relevance and legitimacy of the DJ Mag Top 100 poll has been brought into question countless times, but we never thought that DJs would go as far as purchasing votes to gain a competitive edge. A post on DJ Mag’s website reveals that an Italian eBay listing offered to sell votes in the poll, and that while there were no actual bids, it does indicate that cheating is possible and that the service could be provided outside the confines of an eBay auction. Martin Carvell, DJ Mag’s Managing Director, said that “we do all we can to eliminate cheating… so as to make this the most authoritative snapshot of a DJ’s popularity and visibility at any one time.”

“DJ Mag will be naming and shaming [cheating DJs] by the end of this week”

The article goes on to say that “it’s easy to spot” cheaters, and that there are ongoing investigations into certain DJs. “There are a number of DJs that have been caught cheating, and DJ Mag will be naming and shaming them by the end of this week.” Uh oh, looks like someone’s in trouble… Is this #followergate all over again?

Via: DJ Mag

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