Deadmau5 debuts video for ‘Professional Griefers,’ goes head-to-head with Gerard Way (sort-of)

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Last week you saw behind-the-scenes footage of Deadmau5’s new “Professional Griefers” video, and today the full five-and-a-half minute cut has hit YouTube. The “most expensive electronic video ever” features Joel Zimmerman “fighting” Gerard Way in a good old game of robo-mouse wrestling, with thousands of screaming fans and onlookers watching from outside a giant metal dome.

If you look carefully, you can see both Deadmau5’s new headphone line for SOL Republic as well as a hat from his new clothing line with Neff Headware. The computer-generated elements are rather impressive, even if the video gets slightly repetitive after a few minutes. Still, this is a Deadmau5 affair, so nothing ends up exactly as you would expect it to. Watch the full video above all the way to the end to see what we mean.


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