Deadmau5 talks up Kat Von D and new album, slams Pauly D, Madonna, and Ultra Records in Spin Magazine interview

Our favorite outspoken DJ Deadmau5 has given another interview to Spin Magazine, and as usual, he doesn’t hold much back. Hot on the heels of his > album title goes here < release, he says he’s already working on a new album, but this time around he will hold back from the regular SoundCloud previews, saying that “it’d have more allure.” When asked about unusual collaborations as with Gerard Way on “Professional Griefers” and Cypress Hill on “Failbait,” he says they were “organic.” The mau5 said he is also “super fucking stoked” about his new relationship with Kat Von D, saying that “it was such a breath of fresh air to find someone who’s creative, who’s got ambition… someone who’s on par.”

Of course, he also had some less-than-complimentary things to say about folks like his record label, Ultra Records, and Madonna.

“I should have been more relentless,” he says about his anti-Molly rant, before lamenting that taking on her enormous fanbase “became an exercise in futility.”  He likens Ultra to a “phone company,” and says that even though they “do good things from time to time… their goal is to make money.” He particularly highlights their need to put ads on everything as a major sticking point, and says that “my contract is up with this record.”

Joel also touches on his spat with Pauly D and making the Forbes “Highest Paid DJs” list, but reveals that he pours much of that cash back into is studio and his tours. Once again, the “Hit Play” article rears its head, but he rightfully asks “what better motivator to get somebody to do something than to piss them off?”

As with most Deadmau5 interviews, it’s chock full of great quotes and gives insight into one of the most opinionated, outspoken figures in dance music today. Check out the full interview at Spin to read it for yourself.

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