Deadmau5 sits down with Fuse to discuss his new album, pop collaborations, and why he hates dubstep (video)

Continuing with his PR push, Deadmau5 recently sat down with Fuse to have a candid discussion about his most recent release >album title goes here< discussing how it felt good to get out of his “forced bubble.” In his typical, off the cuff, honest fashion, he comments on the double-edged sword that is the “Rise of EDM,” stating that although it has opened up a lot of doors, he has no plans to “work with whoever I want for maximum exposure.”  He goes on to mention that despite his peers making choices that are “interesting” and a “bit of a comedy,” the fact that the opportunity exists is “pretty big” — he’s just not too keen on the results.

When asked about his success he humbly dismisses it: “it’s good to be appreciated” but “sometimes you do have these thoughts like ‘is all this really necessary?’ — I’m not curing fucking cancer.”

As always, no Deadmau5 interview would be complete without a jab – and this time Joel attacks the dubstep producers, not for the culture they foster but for the lack of respect they show towards the art of sound engineering.

“[Dubstep] is a fuck you to every audio engineer in the world.”

Video after the break.

Via: Fuse

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