Good Morning Mix – Paul Oakenfold Essential Mix live from Jonis Havana, Cuba (2/21/1999)

This morning we present to you an Essential Mix from Paul Oakenfold — someone who has done more of these mixes than any DJ around. Back when electronic music was booming in Europe and trance was the reigning genre, Oakenfold was at the forefront of the movement and considered by many as the best DJ in the world. He’s done over 100 of these mixes and this is just one of his stand out sets recorded live from Havana, Cuba. If you’re looking for a stellar two-hour segment of some classic, old-school trance, look no further. Full tracklist after the break.


01. Alena – Turn It Around (Unknown Remix)
02. Love Tattoo – History Of Disco Part 2
03. Angel Moon – He’s All I Want (Cappery Mix)
04. Antidote – Eclipse
05. Karen Ramirez – Lies (Tilt Trinity Mix)
06. Tilt – Invisible (Tilt Human Mix)
07. Prism – Innerscape
08. The Auranaut – People Want To Be Needed (Planet Heaven Mix)
09. V-Tracks – Heretic Voices
10. The Sneaker – Scatterbomb
11. Underworld – Push Upstairs
12. New Order – Confusion (Pump Panel Reconstruction)
13. Amoebassassin – Piledriver (Original Hurricane Mix)
14. Lex – Vertical Horizon
15. Salk Tank – Dimension (Salt Tank Voices Of Reason Mix)
16. Mike Oldfield – Far Above The Cloud (Jam & Spoon Deep Inside The Club Mix)
17. Gouryella – Gouryella
18. The Source – Fly Away

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