Whiiite releases Whiiite begins EP, challenges the dubstep elite with a powerful debut

Exciting cannot even begin to describe the enigma that is Whiiite, the LA-based producer whose debut release Whiiite Begins is as powerful as it is poetic.  Dark and ominous, the EP opens with “Broken” a drumstep track peppered with orchestral chord stabs and Stazz’s sinewy vocals. On “Houdini,” his collaboration with Schoolboy, Whiiite creates a multi-faceted dubstep track, opening with a classical piano roll before unleashing a barrage of throaty synthesizers and syncopated percussion.  “Paradise Island,” is a moombahton-backed, dubstep squeal-ridden ride through Whiiite’s haunted psyche while “Torment” dabbles in electro and progressive house — complete with driving, sawtooth driven builds and a bouncy drop courtesy of Kids at the Bar. The grand finale and stand out track on the EP, “Nightmare,” fittingly closes out Whiiite’s debut in a cascade of electro house sirens, synths and squeals.

Brilliantly produced and delightfully unique, the Whiiite Begins EP marks the start of what we believe to be a long and fortuitous career for this young producer – it’s a challenge to the dubstep elite and a re-energizing of the same old, tired, dubstep sound.

Listen after the break, grab the EP on Beatport, and be sure to check out Whiiite’s Halloween bootleg pack.

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