Jewelz & Scott Sparks – Flashbang (Original Mix)

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Sometimes a track will completely blindside you and leave you thinking, “Where the hell did that just come from?” it doesn’t happen often but when it does that track always seems to stick. Jewelz & Scott Sparks latest collaboration is that type of production. Opening with an unassuming progressive build, the type we’ve heard a thousand times before, the duo take their sweet time before throwing a flashbang into the mix. The drop here is disorienting, blasting through the build with a stripped down bass line that takes a walk through a hollow warehouse of white noise. Sounding an alarm as it moves and grooves, “Flashbang” has a similar feel to Nari & Milani‘s break-out hit, “Atom” – powerful, punchy and completely unexpected.

Jewelz & Scott Sparks – Flashbang (Original Mix)


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