hot natured assimilation

With launch of new website, Hot Natured supergroup gift new track ‘Assimilation’

Hot Natured, the supergroup consisting of Jamie Jones, Lee Foss, Luca C and vocalist Ali Love, has returned off the major commercial success of “Benediction” with a new website and a new (free) track. Usually we’re a bit more wary of falling prey to such shameless marketing ploys, but we’re definitely willing to pay the price of an email signup for a free Hot Natured track. “Assimilation” is straightforward — driven by squealing synths and a paunchy bassline, peppered with funky guitar licks and bongos. It’s far less epic than “Benediction” but definitely still satisfies anyone’s Hot Creations appetite. Jump past the break for the download link.

Download track here.


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