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One man died at EDC Las Vegas, reportedly due to heat-related issues

In the wake of EDC Las Vegas, news of a fatality has emerged.

34-year-old Michael Adam Morse was pronounced dead at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway at 7:41 AM on Saturday morning, June 17,  News 3 Las Vegas reports. Morse, a resident of Thousand Oaks, CA, reportedly had a body temperature of 109.6 degrees and went into convulsions at 3:25 AM, according to an email sent to the news outlet by a relative of the deceased.

A coroner told News 3 that Morse “never made it to the hospital…His cause and manner of death are pending, and it looks like it may take up to two months for the toxicology reports.”

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Photos of Morse provided by his family.

Linda Marshall, a relative of Morse, speculates that accessibility to water sources may have played an role in his death. “We were told the lines were an hour or more to get water,” Marshall told News 3. “They got it fixed for the second night, but we were told the lines were very long the first night.” Marshall was not in attendance at EDC.

Insomniac has not provided a statement regarding Morse’s death at press time.

135-136,000 people attended EDC per day over the course of the past weekend, with temperatures in Las Vegas reaching a high of 117 degrees. Insomniac placed four free water stations and three medical tents throughout the venue.



Dancing Astronaut will update this story as further information arises.

Sources: News 3 Las Vegas, Your EDM

Featured image via Insomniac.

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