Pegboard Nerds – Speed of Light (Pt. 2) ft Taylor Bennett & Skylr

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The opening track of the Pegboard Nerds’ fifth EP, Nerds By Nature, “Speed Of Light” surfaced as an ethereal soundscape, atmospheric introduction to an EP that would explore a variety of different genres, ranging from dubstep to house music. Nine months later, the opener has received a sequel.

Titled “Speed Of Light (Pt. 2),” the follow up track materializes as the original’s hip-hop oriented cousin, adopting a mellow guitar melody that complements vocals laid by the track’s featured artists: Taylor Bennett, Chance The Rapper’s younger brother, and Indianapolis based hip-hop artist, Skylr. “Speed Of Light (Pt. 2)’s” different aesthetic renders the sequel a distinct yet complementary extension of the blissful original.

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